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Development Course

In the late 1980s, China Railway Materials (hereinafter referred to as “CRM”) established several export-oriented subsidiaries to participate in the bids of railway construction projects funded by foreign governments or international organizations, including Transgoods Inc(formerly known as Taishan Inc), Baiyi Company (formerly known as Kangjin Company), Huashen Company, Huafeng Company, Huahui Company and Fulun Company.

In 1997, CRM established International Trade Group in Shenzhen by integrating Transgoods Inc., Baiyi Company, Huashen Company, Huafeng Company, Huahui Company and Fulun Comapany.

In 1998, based on Huashen Company, the International Trade Group was reorganized and named Shenzhen Sunray Group.

In 2003, China Railway Materials Import& Export Co., Ltd was established by reconstructing Huafeng Company.

In 2016, China Railway Materials International Group (hereinafter referred to as “CRM International”) was established by integrating ten existing international companies, including China Railway Materials Import& Export Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Sunray Group Co., Ltd., Mackay Properties Limited, CRM (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited, CRM (Hong Kong) Trading Limited, CRM (USA) Inc., Transgoods (America) Inc., China Railway Materials (Australia) PTY Limited, CRLC (Australia) PTY Limited. It also became a shareholder of CRM International (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

In response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, China Railway Materials Laos Co., Ltd was established in 2017 to provide necessary services to the construction of China-Laos Railway. In 2019, the Serbian branch was about to offer services to the Hungary-Serbia Railway.