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Bulk Commodity Trade

CRM International has been engaged in the trading of bulk commodity for decades. The commodities include coal, coke, iron ore, manganese ore, chromium ore, nickel ore, steel, electrolytic copper, blister copper, copper concentrate, lead concentrate and other ferrous or non-ferrous metals and ores.

Depending on extensive business network, solid financial status and thoughtful services, CRM International has been professionally and efficiently serving China’s large and medium-sized steel mills for many years in providing them with critical raw materials such as iron ore, coke and coal, etc. The Company has established long-term cooperative relations with large foreign mines, and has built up reliable channels for fast approach to overseas resources. The highest import volume of iron ore is 40 million tons per year, and the export of coke is about 200,000 tons per year. CRM International is also the leading importer of manganese ore, chromium ore, nickel ore and electrolytic copper in China.

The subsidiaries of CRM International in Hong Kong, the USA, and Australia are providing the advantages for international trade and overseas financing by virtue of their geographic location, free trade and developed financing environment, which can effectively connect China and overseas markets, make trading patterns more innovative, and serve customers with better comprehensive trade and other value-added services.