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As a pillar subsidiary of China Railway Materials Group Corporation (hereinafter abbreviated as “CRM”), CRM International shoulders the significant task of constantly internationalizing CRM’s business. In addition to the existing international trade and overseas engineering contracting, CRM International has unremittingly explored new business patterns and persistently expanded its business areas, such as international technology transfer and production capacity cooperation, financial and operating leasing, and overseas investment and financing, etc.

While holding the investment principles of Openness, Inclusiveness, Mutual benefiting and Win-win, CRM International is committed to building a diversified investment portfolio, forming industrial support through investment, and consolidating its business foundation.

CRM International believes that the three-element trinity, formed by trade, engineering and technology, depends on and boosts one another, and such an organic trinity will definitely lead to rapid, stable and sustainable development of the Company.

CRM International, as your trustworthy friend and partner, is in a position to provide you with Chinese wisdom and CRM solutions to your needs, your worries and your concerns.