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Corporate Culture
Development Strategy


A: To call for green and ecological civilization

CRM International executes the terms of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Management System of China Railway Materials strictly. The idea of green, low carbon and environmental protection has been integrated into the daily work of all employees to be more eco-conscious. The Company urges all to save energy, electricity, water and paper in order to reduce the resource consumption and unfavorable environmental impact.

CRM International carries out a lot of propaganda on energy saving and environmental protection. Activities beneficial for public welfare, such as tree planting contest, are often organized to raise the eco-consciousness of all employees and advocate a low-carbon lifestyle. To keep sustainable development and to make the world greener and better are the common wishes of all persons working in the Company.

B: To seek for harmonious society and public well-being

Localization is a strategy widely adopted by CRM International for overseas companies and projects. CRM International respects local customs and habits, hires local employees, and improves the cooperation with local authorities. These actions have promoted local development and brought prosperity both economically and socially. CRM International adheres to the company principle of "Humanistic Care, Integrated Development and Mutual Growth" and takes initiative to respond to local people's major concerns as well as to assist the local government in tackling emergencies. The idea of “A Community of Human Destiny” is being put into practice by CRM International day by day.

CRM International actively responds to the national strategy of precise poverty alleviation and implements the deployment of precise poverty alleviation of China Railway Materials to help Xiaochang County in Hubei Province win the battle against poverty.

C: To promote global development by innovation and sharing

CRM International actively implements the development concept of "Innovation, Coordination, Green, Openness and Sharing" brought out by Chinese Government. CRM International is building up and sticking to the trinity of “Trade, Engineering & Technology”so as to lead and guarantee a sustainable development at present and in future. Trade serves as the basis of the Company’s business, while engineering is regarded as a new profit increasing point and global technology transfer & cooperation is intended to promote the global technical upgrading. The said trinity, aiming at the free and smooth exchange and flow of all factors of production, will definitely contribute to the common progress of the whole world.